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You deserve more than likes, comments & shares. With the rise of mobile traffic, more sophisticated tools for marketers, and the decrease in organic reach, advertising on social media has changed drastically in the past year. Gone are the days measuring campaign performance on the number of fans and followers. Social advertising today provides much more opportunity for building your brand, generating leads and driving sales and social performance marketing will get you there.

While many social advertisers focus on the initial ad experience to drive clickthroughs, Mixpo’s social performance marketing solution provides a complete ad experience that takes consumers from the initial ad to an optimized landing page, built to drive the KPIs you care about. What good is a stellar clickthrough-rate without conversions? Social performance marketing guides the viewer through the entire advertising experience so you decrease CPAs and increase conversions – the true metrics for measuring ROI.

By bringing the initial ad experience and the post-ad experience together, social performance marketing results in a 45% reduction in cost per acquisition versus what standard advertising on Facebook could provide. Check out the additional features that drive social performance marketing success:

Ridiculous Targeting

Interest and keyword targeting used to be the hot new targeting methods. Now lookalikes and retargeting significantly outperform with 2-4X higher CTRs and 4-6X lower CPAs. Optimized landing pages come with the conversion and remarketing tags already integrated so you can:
  • Optimize for conversions at the ad level
  • Find more people who look like the people who are converting
  • Retarget people who have converted or abandoned with you previously

Tuned mobile experiences

Maybe you have a mobile-enabled website, but is it wired with conversion pixels, mobile remarketing, and driving the right path to conversion? Using the Igniter platform, we create multiple mobile-optimized landing pages to match all of your audience segments. Automating the process of updating and identifying the best creative alleviates your team from the hassle of creating and managing multiple web assets.

Conversion Optimization

When you manage your landing experiences, you unlock success. Quickly find the best segment/ad/landing combinations, tell Facebook to send more people like those taking key actions and easily remarket to those that don’t convert, for example. Beat your current CPAs.

Full-Service Campaign Management

Campaign Strategy

Before a single character is written or a tag is placed, our client services team can help you define your goals and develop your strategy. We can also help with essential tasks such as setting up your ads account or whitelisting your account for key capabilities.

Campaign Production

Our client services team can help you every step of the way to develop reusable custom destination page templates, develop custom integrations, and publish your campaigns.

Ads Management

Our ads management team can help manage your ad spend to get the most lift out of your ads for the lowest cost. As part of our ads management services, we also provide additional reporting and insights to help you achieve your goals.

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